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Image by Juan Encalada

Welcome to

Wilson Avenue Daycare 

Play. Learn. Grow. 



6 weeks to 18 months


18 months to 36 months

3 year olds

3 on or before September 1st


4 year olds

4 on or before September 1st

Art Class

Our Approach

We Strive to Help Children...

Develop wholesome attitudes about themselves and others.

Grow in awareness of God and the world around them.

To Meet Your Child's Developmental Needs We Provide...

Opportunities to express creativity through a variety of curriculum and activities.

Curriculum based on all aspects of a child’s growth and development.

A chapel program for children once a week with music and Bible-based lessons. 

What Parents Think

I just absolutely love it! My son loves every minute of being there! It is clean and secure. The teachers are so welcoming and absolutely love the kids. I am glad that we chose Wilson Avenue Daycare. I look forward to hearing what my kids have to say everyday! They just absolutely love it so much that they ask me to go on the weekends!



For over 35 years, Wilson Avenue Daycare has been providing a safe, nurturing environment where kids thrive and prepare for school while learning the lifelong skills of sharing, compassion and respect.

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